Monaco is located in Western Europe, perhaps most infamous for its princess, Grace Kelly, an iconic American actress who married into the royal family. As a hub for tourists every year, Monaco is the most attractive for its luxurious sceneries and for its close proximity with France and Italy so that it is accessible by car- a much cheaper option than flying there by plane or helicopter.

What Monaco is known for

Monaco is world-renowned for its breath-taking scenery and bird-eye view shots in helicopter flights, as well as its rich culture of dazzling concerts and centuries-old cathedrals and villas. One of the main more modern tourist attractions is its hosting of the Formula 1 Grand Prix with approximately 3000 seats available with manageable priced tickets. For those who value the more elegant, the Princess Grace Rose Garden is always available for the public with more than 300 varieties of rose bushes to enjoy. As a late tribute dedicated to Grace Kelly from Prince Rainier III, it also includes contemporary statues to accompany the aesthetics of the garden. There is also the Jardin Japonais, an authentic Japanese garden designed for those who enjoy walks in nature, and mimics the Zen tradition in its reconstruction of the Japanese garden style. It features 7000 square metres.

For those who wish to get more than a taste of luxury, the yacht trips offered through the French Riveria, allows tourists to get a glimpse into the lives of the rich, as they sail down the river slowly and catch glances at the beautiful seaside villages that are located at the harbours. As for accommodation, Monaco offers a variety of high-class hotels such as Hotel Hermitage, which is a popular choice for its magnificent location, overlooking the ports. The Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo, on the other hand, is certainly no less lacking: they offer state of the art facilities with a spa and a pool ready for customer use.

Monaco’s casinos

Going to Monaco’s Grand Casino is a must-have for those who are adamant for the optimal experience amongst the high-class that populate the city. Whilst online casinos these days are indeed, becoming a popular choice, it is always recommended to attend one physically to broaden one’s horizons of what the rich and famous are up to after their dinners. And for Monaco’s Grand Casino, this certainly is buzzing with energy and elegance when it comes to nighttime, and past bedtime for most. A passport is needed to enter, and there are strict dressing codes that must be adhered to – for men that is a suit and tie, and a ban on casual shoewear. Some would say that it is part of the aesthetics and maintaining the classy atmosphere it is so notorious for. Needless to say, entry fees can easily cost up to thousands of dollars depending on the room that is chosen to be used.

Monaco is certainly a worthwhile place to visit during the holidays with its variety of tourist activities catering to different tastes. For those who wish to experience a classy vacation from the hard-earnt money they have saved up over the years to cater for this particular period of relaxation, then Monaco is the perfect holiday vacation. Of course, its Grand Casino is one of the grandest in the world and recommended to be visited at least once in a lifetime for the aspirational tourist.