The general concept of luxury isn’t always the spendthrift attitude that people are used to- spending a tonne of money that will only cause financial difficulties and hence, stress, later. Luxury should first and foremost be about the optimal relaxation achieved in the perfect time frame- not too fast nor too slow.

Focus on Yourself- Designed for Relaxation and this is different for everyone

Depending on how you use your holidays, it should be noted that each plan for the vacation is, and should be, very personal for every person. For an academic, for example, he or she may spend their time travelling to different exhibitions of their interest and visiting different libraries that store hundreds of rare documents that are normally very hard to access. While this may be fulfilling for them, a more adventurous youth, at the height of their career, may decide to take a trip to Thailand for their spas and massages; each have their own definition of luxury. At the end of the day for both individuals, their goal of being relaxed and motivated to start a new chapter of their lives should be fulfilled. While it may be physical relaxation for one, it may be academic exploration for another. Or even quickly travelling through many different parts of Asia as part of a mission to expand one’s horizons on the Eastern world that many are in touch with- culturally dipping to gain more perspective about the world around.

Physical Standards??

For many, luxury may border between the two spheres of relaxing activities and living in 5 star hotels with excellent facilities, that one may not be able to experience again for a long time due to the expenses. While this may be appealing to those who are ready to spend thousands on a single holiday just for accommodation, not to mention the cost of the activities they partake in, as well as the food and transport, most are able to settle with the most basic hygienic requirements being fulfilled. That is, it depends, once again, on the individual, about the goals they are trying to fulfil on their journey, as well as their values. If their perception entails such that a fully relaxing holiday is where they are treated like royalty and where the aesthetics are impeccable and soothing, then the physical standards and the design of their accommodation is indeed, significant in their plan of the holidays. However, if the objective lies in the interaction with people and experiencing their mundane lives for inspiration, then perhaps a more modest inn s more appropriate. Of course, as always, health is the first priority and hygienic standards should be adequate enough for stay.

Balance Between Time and Quality

Holidays can always be more stressful than necessary when there are too many activities planned for a short period of time. Or it can be almost mind-numbingly boring if activities are planned over too long period of time, or indeed, no thought has been given to it at all and an expectation of great improvisation has not manifested into reality. For those who find themselves to be too overwhelmed by hurrying between venues to catch an activity at its prime, a holiday that is too tiring can result in more stress and fatigue once it has ended, and should serve as a fair warning to those who try to fit everything into their schedules.