Welcome! This is the start page for a website detailing how to make the most out of your holidays! After all, it is the best time for personal development and the me-time that has been steadily been detracted from long office hours and mind-crippling exhaustion once we return home from work to home. As such, this website offers advice on how to best optimize your time, either domestically or abroad, for the best results when you return from the holidays and back to the steady schedule of work.

The Definition of Luxury

One of the most misconceived image of luxury is the quantity of wealth spent associated with it. This is mostly dependent on the individual and based on his or her personal needs, but luxury should generally be redefined as the quality in an activity by which the individual achieves the optimal psychological state of minimal stress and optimal mental functioning. The reason why this has been stated is because different individuals have different interests that they find enjoyable and can relax while partaking in these activities. So, as a general warning, it is best to consider your own personal interests and the time frame you are fitting these activities into, as will be expanded in this section.

Planning Your Holidays

Planning your holidays is also an incredibly important process, and it is from this plan that you can step back and assess what would be able to de-stress you the most. It is recommended for such activities to be identified before embarking on the process of deciding which country to visit- there is always the pitfall of visiting a country that you may find fascinating, trying to schedule all of the “interesting” events that are happening into your planner, and finding yourself stressed out during the vacation to try and visit all the different venues punctually. The tourist industry is designed to entice, and you must have the discipline to recognize your own limits. Remember, the holidays is there for you to relax and enjoy, and not to overwhelm you with experiences.

The hotels that you pick is also important and there are many apps that can help you make that decision.


One of the highlights of your journey may be the most exhilarating activities you embark on. For many, the first choice would be the casinos in Las Vegas and Morocco. In Las Vegas, the hub of gambling, it is certainly for the daredevil. With so many casino options available, it is very important for tourists to first research the types of services they offer and if they align with your personal tastes. This includes the level of socialization offered and while some may feel comfortable playing machines, others are more comfortable with more conversation going on. Of course, there is always the option of playing the online casinos- perfect for those who wish to accumulate the bonuses and benefits over time, as a loyal customer, and for those who are much more in tune with the prospect of technology and risk meshed into one. Thereby, many casinos offer a bonus, for example the Unibet welcome bonus.

One of the key highlights of Morocco is the elegant and classy atmosphere they promote, including the centuries-old cathedrals and villas open to the public and for serious landscape photographers. Their rich cultural history is also accompanied by the modern offers of the Formula 1 Grand Prix hosted there annually, and its Grand Casino. As the sanctuary for the richest in the world, it is a perfect experience for those who wish to enjoy the high-class, finer aspects of life. Whilst offering a strict dress code of formal wear for men and women, it is worthwhile to take a glimpse at the world’s finest interacting and socializing.